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Therapy Groups

Treatment & Support Groups

Group therapy and support groups provide an empathetic environment where individuals can share their experiences and challenges. This helps foster a sense of belonging while gaining diverse perspectives that can lead to personal growth and healing.


CBT for Panic and Agoraphobia Group

This treatment group is led by experienced clinicians and offers structured, data-driven techniques that empower you to regain control and improve your quality of life using Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT).

Gain hands-on skills and strategies to manage panic attacks, challenge irrational fears, and gradually face and overcome avoided situations.

Group Therapy at Light On Anxiety for panic and agoraphobia using CBT
Group Therapy at Light On Anxiety for OCD and anxiety using ERP

ERP for OCD Group

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is the gold standard treatment to move through and past obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) and related symptoms. In this group, members will create a fear hierarchy and engage in gradual exposure exercises while resisting use of associated compulsions and safety behaviors. Gain practical skills and strategies rooted in ERP principles to build resiliency, tolerate uncertainty and live life on your terms.

DBT for Anxiety Group

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for anxiety is a comprehensive therapy technique that combines cognitive and behavioral strategies. This helps individuals develop emotional-regulation skills, cultivate mindfulness, and enhance interpersonal effectiveness to effectively cope with and reduce anxiety. Learn practical techniques to manage intense emotions, navigate conflicts, and respond effectively to challenging situations.

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CBT-Based Parent Coaching & Support

Modern day parenting is a rewarding yet challenging journey that is often associated with stress and anxiety. Our group is designed to offer evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques tailored specifically for parents. Drawing from the core principles of LOA book “Rewire Your Anxious Parent Brain,”  this group provides a supportive environment where parents can learn effective strategies to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and enhance their parenting skills.

Whether you’re facing everyday parenting challenges or dealing with more complex issues, our experienced clinicians are here to guide you through proven CBT interventions that promote resilience, mindfulness, and positive parent-child interactions. Join us to empower yourself with the tools you need to thrive as a calm, confident, and connected parent.

Teen DBT for Anxiety Skills Group

At Light On Anxiety, we understand that the teenage years can be filled with unique challenges and anxieties. Our Teen Anxiety DBT Skills Group is designed to provide adolescents with the tools and support they need to navigate these challenges and build resilience.

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Mindfulness for Anxiety Treatment Group

Our adult mindful group offers comprehensive training, support, and practical hands-on practice to empower individuals in incorporating mindfulness as an invaluable tool within their anxiety management tool box.

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is an approach where a trained facilitator guides a small group of individuals with similar challenges or concerns to engage in supportive and collaborative discussions to promote healing and personal growth.

At Light On Anxiety our Care Managers are dedicated to creating a safe group environment where participants can feel supported and acknowledged by fellow group members. 

Group therapy can be an effective way to collaborate with others to help gain more perspectives that facilitate personal growth.


Group therapy can support you through a range of experiences

Within a supportive group environment, you can safely and confidentially address:

Frequently Asked Questions

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy where a small group of individuals with similar concerns or issues come together under the guidance of a trained therapist to share experiences, provide mutual support, and learn coping strategies.

We offer a variety of group therapy options tailored to different needs, including groups focused on anxiety, OCD, social anxiety, mindfulness, stress management, and support for parents of anxious children.

Our therapy groups usually consist of 5-8 participants. This size allows for meaningful interaction and support while ensuring everyone has an opportunity to participate.

Group therapy provides a supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences, learn from others facing similar challenges, receive and offer support, and practice new skills in a safe space. It also helps reduce feelings of isolation.

Groups meet virtually, once a week for 60 minutes.

During a group therapy session, participants typically check in with the group, discuss progress and challenges, engage in group activities or discussions led by the therapist, and set goals for the coming week. Confidentiality and mutual respect are emphasized.

Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of group therapy. All participants are expected to respect each other’s privacy and maintain confidentiality outside the group.

Yes, many people find that group therapy complements individual therapy. You can discuss this option with your individual therapist to determine how it can fit into your overall treatment plan.

Group therapy can be beneficial if you are looking for support from others with similar experiences, and would benefit from a structured environment to practice coping strategies. An initial assessment with one of our therapists can help determine if group therapy is a good fit for you.

It’s natural to feel hesitant about speaking in a group setting at first. Our therapists create a safe and supportive environment to help you feel more comfortable over time. You can participate at your own pace.

To join a group therapy session, you can contact our clinic to schedule an initial assessment. Our intake team will help you find the appropriate group that matches your needs and guide you through the registration process.

Yes, we offer the option to attend an initial session to see if the group feels like a good fit for you. This allows you to experience the group dynamics and decide if it meets your needs.

Group therapy is covered by in-network insurance or is $60 per group session as a private pay service.

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