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Referring Providers

Light On Anxiety’s Quick Admit Program was designed with busy referring providers like you in mind.  Our goal is to make the process of getting your patients set up with effective, compassionate anxiety treatment as rapid and user-friendly as possible. Use the button below to complete the Quick Admit Form and get your patient set up with services at Light On Anxiety. We will contact your patient within one business day.

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Refer clients with confidence

No matter the LOA clinician, you can rest assured your patients will be in competent, well-trained hands.

All clinicians participate in LOA’s Clinical Training Institute and complete over 200 hours of training on empirically supported treatment for anxiety and related conditions. 

Building lasting client-clinician partnerships

Quick, easy steps to schedule and get set up with therapy services

Online scheduling - immediate availability

A virtual clinical intake session is the right next step forward if your patient is ready to begin the important work of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety. A Light On Anxiety intake therapist will review your patients’ treatment goals, provide clinical recommendations and get to work with assisting them in moving through and soon past anxiety and related conditions. Same day and next day appointments available, depending on your patients’ scheduling flexibility.

Speak with a care manager

A Care Manager is available to speak with you about your patient’s mental health needs, review Light On Anxiety’s service offerings and help you to determine if therapy at Light On Anxiety would be a helpful addition to your patient’s care plan. You can connect with a Care Manager via phone (312.508.3645) or email ([email protected]).

Have your patient contact Light On Anxiety directly

A complimentary meeting with a scheduling associate is the right next step forward for your patient if they are not yet ready to get started with treatment but first want to learn more about our services and/or review their ongoing scheduling requirements. They can schedule an appointment with a scheduling associate or contact us via phone (312.508.3645) or email ([email protected]).

Each clinician is trained through our Clinical Training Institute

The Light On Anxiety one-year training institute gives new associates the tools to learn the psychoeducation and treatment protocols, as well as discuss and role play case studies, of each condition offered at our practice. Each clinician undergoes extensive training to make them qualified to take on new clients.


Included in our clinical training institute

Prescribing CBT treatment to your patients who are in need of mental health services

Integrate a brief mental health screener

By integrating a brief, reliable, validated mental health screener into each of your patient appointments, you can allow the data to speak for itself. If a patient is scoring in the moderate to high range of a screener for depression or anxiety, you now have an easy segue to a conversation on the benefits of short-term, empirically-supported mental health services.

Normalize the need for mental health support

For patients experiencing emotional distress, it is always helpful to be reminded that seeking out therapy services is not a sign of weakness but is rather an act of strength. By obtaining mental health support, they are doing the hard, important work of learning to live their life to the fullest, even with the challenge zones and stressors that everyone must maneuver through and move past.

Prescribe CBT

Light On Anxiety has designed a prescription pad to assist you in “prescribing” Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and related conditions to your patients. If you are interested in obtaining customized CBT prescription pads to help facilitate therapy referral conversations with your patients, please contact our Provider Relations team ([email protected]) and we would be happy to assist you.

Why refer your patients to Light On Anxiety?

We are a team dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a productive and positive experience at Light On Anxiety. Light On Anxiety therapists strive to make the process of moving past anxiety and related disorders as effective, efficient, practical and believe it or not FUN as possible.

Helpful Mental Health Tools For Physicians