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CBT for Children,
Teens and Adults

Light On Anxiety’s therapists specialize in providing action oriented, effective, empirically-supported Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based treatment for anxiety, OCD, and related disorders.


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Medication Management Services

When you choose our Medication Management Services, you can expect thorough and compassionate psychiatric evaluations, thoughtful medication selection, ongoing monitoring of treatment effectiveness, and close collaboration with your therapist. Learn more here.

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Mental Health Screening Tools for Kid

Children and Adolescent Therapy Treatments

We provide you and your child with the tools to decrease anxiety and increase life satisfaction, including cognitive therapy to learn to “talk back” to worry thoughts, guided exposure therapy to all feared stimuli, age appropriate mindfulness training, parent coaching and support.

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Light On Anxiety Brand Icon

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We publish Mental Health Books to make your life better.

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Video Library

Helping Your Child
Or Teen Move Past Anxiety

Watch child and adolescent anxiety experts, Emily Bilek, PhD and Debra Kissen, PhD for an open discussion on all things child/teen anxiety.

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