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Professional Services

Light On Anxiety values strengthening community relationships, as well as the dissemination of high quality treatment and information regarding anxiety and related disorders. Light On Anxiety provides services such as consultations and trainings.

Onsite Mental Health Support & Corporate Wellness

We are available to offer customized mental health and wellness solutions to businesses, schools and community organizations. We will work with your organization to understand your internal stakeholders and unique needs, and then co-develop a mental health program that best targets your identified goals and priorities.

Expert Testimony for Legal Proceedings

Dr. Kissen is available to consult and testify regarding assessment and treatment of anxiety and related disorders.

CBT for Optimizing Executive Performance

We offer solution-oriented, one-on-one executive coaching for high-level professionals looking to move past obstacles, optimize performance, maximize attention, and obtain clarity on their visions and goals.

Anxiety Management Support for Schools

We work closely with schools to empower their staff with the tools and knowledge to support students’ mental health and well-being. LOA is available to offer workshops on topics like recognizing signs of anxiety and implementing stress management strategies in the classroom.

Case Consultation

Our consultation service is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of therapists and staff members, equipping them with the tools necessary to effectively address anxiety and related disorders in their practices. By partnering with Light On Anxiety, organizations can benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in evidence-based treatments, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for clients.

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Our Anxiety Services

Get the support that’s right for you.

We offer a range of CBT treatment services to help you cope with and manage anxiety.