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CBS Mental Health Minute: Clean to Calm Your Mind

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“Anxiety, in the most biological sense, is a warning sign that something bad might happen,” explains Dr. Debra Kissen, CEO of Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center, which specializes in cognitive behavior therapy. Fear, says Kissen, is triggered by an immediate threat, while anxiety has a future connotation, whether that be a moment later or […]


“The core fear is judgment, negative judgment,” Dr. Debra Kissen, Ph.D., from Light On Anxiety explains. Social anxiety disorder is a condition characterized by excessive fear and self-consciousness in social situations. Also known as social phobia, social anxiety disorder comes from a fear of other people who may scrutinize or judge someone.

More About Treatment for Anxiety

What is CBT & ERP for OCD?

Light On Anxiety CEO Dr Debra Kissen describes how CBT & ERP helps clients move past OCD and other anxiety disorders.

Learn more about how we can create a custom individual treatment plan to fit your goals.

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