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Why Choose Light On Anxiety

Light On Anxiety provides evidence-based, efficient, effective, and action-oriented treatment for anxiety and related disorders.

Light On Anxiety strives to make treatment as short-term as possible so our clients can soon serve as their own anxiety coach.

Light On Anxiety applies the principles of empirically-supported treatment and always incorporates the latest advancements in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Light On Anxiety in Chicago


We have a team of trained and experienced clinicians who can usually schedule your appointment within a few days.


Our methods of treatment are evidence-based and action-oriented with results in as little as 3 months.


We have five Chicago-area locations for in-person treatments. We also offer appointments via telehealth.


Getting the treatment you need has never been easier. We accept insurance and will work with you to make sure your treatment is covered or affordable.

Our Values


Light On Anxiety specializes in providing, practical, user friendly, evidence-based treatment to children, adolescents and adults with a focus on anxiety, OCD, stress and related disorders.


The Light On Anxiety team believes in you and will be here to cheer you on as you rewire your brain to learn just how resilient and competent you truly are. Your Light On Anxiety care team approaches each interaction with you with deep appreciation for the hard work you are putting in to create change in your life. We are honored to coach you through and soon past emotional pain and suffering.


As the author of several CBT treatment workbooks, Light On Anxiety offers empirically supported mental health solutions. What this means to you is that Light On Anxiety follows the science and incorporates all relevant research advancements to offer treatment that is effective and evidence-based. Light On Anxiety services are based upon empirically-supported treatment protocols and then customized to best meet your unique clinical and lifestyle needs as well as your learning profile and preferred communication style.


Light On Anxiety provides a comprehensive and coordinated approach to mental health, offering a single point of service for all your mental health needs. We prioritize a collaborative workplace and integrated treatment teams so your therapist(s) and medication prescriber can work together to provide you with the highest quality care.


Light On Anxiety strives to empower YOU and teach you how to move through and past anxiety as rapidly as possible. We will work with you to develop a toolbox so that you can soon become your own anxiety coach.


Light On Anxiety provides short-term treatment with long-term impact. Light On Anxiety’s treatment philosophy is: Less Talk, More Action. Success means you no longer NEED us. Light On Anxiety will always be here, cheering for you from the sidelines, but we will assist you in creating your very own anxiety management toolbox.

Learn more about how we can create a custom individual treatment plan to fit your goals.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services at Light On Anxiety

Learn more about Light On Anxiety’s unique approach to offering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Medication Management services, customized to best meet your anxiety treatment needs.

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