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DBT for Adult Anxiety
Treatment Group

Fostering connection, healing and skill building in a group setting

Light On Anxiety’s Adult DBT group is here to provide you with a structured and supportive environment to learn and practice essential skills for managing emotions, building healthy relationships, and navigating distressing situations.

By fostering a sense of connection, teaching mindfulness techniques, enhancing emotional regulation, and promoting effective communication, participating in this group will assist you in living a more balanced and fulfilling life. In addition you will obtain a customized tool box of strategies and techniques you can use to more effectively manage intense emotions and reduce your reliance on self-destructive behaviors, and challenging interpersonal dynamics.

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DBT For Adult Anxietyย  (18+)

Group Treatment Program Details

By participating in our DBT based therapy group, you'll have the opportunity to develop essential life skills that can transform how you manage emotions, relate to others, and cope with difficulties. Join us on this journey toward greater emotional well-being and personal growth. Take part in a structured and supportive environment to learn how to better manage your anxiety through skill building and hands on practice with the therapy modalities of:

Emotional Regulation


Interpersonal Effectiveness

Distress Tolerance

DBT for Adult Anxiety Group Details

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At LOA, you will find a secure and encouraging setting to discuss your struggles and learn from others. With these program, you will gain the techniques necessary to better manage your anxiety and enhance your life.

Getting started with our Adult DBT Treatment group

Light On Anxiety provides empirically-supported based treatment for anxiety, OCD and related disorders.

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