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Treatment for Panic Disorder


I have seen so many doctors, tried so many different medications, have suffered through so many panic attacks, I am beginning to feel that life will always be this unbearable and that I will never get better. Please help.

Light On Anxiety Answer:

There are no guarentees that you (or I or anyone else) will have a panic attack free future. But living a richer and richer life and taking panic along for the ride gets easier and easier. Once your brain learns to fear a panic attack, you cannot remove that lesson. Similar to once your brain learns to fear a snake,  you can remove that learning. This is a good thing, from a survival perspective.  What we can actively do though is create new learnings, to teach the brain that panic attacks are uncomfortable but not dangerous. How this translates into every day life is doing the things that you enjoy and value and when necessary, taking the panic with you. This is the opposite of avoiding activities in order to avoid having a panic attack, which only leads to more panic ( or as I state in my sessions, “avoidance leads to feeding the panic beast” ). Live the life of your dreams and panic will fade away and at its worse, will show up as a faint background noise.

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