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Interoceptive exposure for panic


I’ve been living with panic/anxiety now since I’ve been 12-13 years old I feel it’s taking over my life I can’t do normal things like I did when I was a child. I’ve tried different medication and nothing works I also was prescribed lorazepam 1mg”.  Please respond I need help Im tired of my anxiety taking over my life…:(

Light On Anxiety Answer:

I am sorry to hear about your discomfort. You are brave for fighting so hard for your life. Do not give up hope. Panic disorder is quite treatable.  The key to overcoming panic is to engage in interoceptive exposure (ideally with a therapist to assist you.) Interoceptive exposure is a fancy term for a simple concept.  It means intentionally practicing experiencing the sensations associated with a panic attack ( tightness in chest, rapid heart beat, tingly hands, feeling hot and flushed, etc) over and over again until your brain grows tired of these feelings and learns that these sensations may be uncomfortable but cannot hurt you.  By doing this, you will break the cycle of fearing fear, which only leads to more anxiety and panic.

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