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Diagnostic Clarification & Treatment Planning Services

You can take back control of your life by obtaining diagnostic clarity and targeted treatment recommendations.

Finding the right support in today’s complex mental health landscape can be overwhelming. Light On Anxiety offers Diagnostic Clarification and Treatment Planning Services to help shine a light on what core clinical concern(s) are holding you hostage. We will help you identify the most appropriate and impactful clinical resources, whether internally at Light On Anxiety or externally with one of our trusted care partners.

If it is determined you will most effectively and efficiently reach your treatment goals by working with an external provider, you may be a good candidate for clinical care coordination services.  

Find Clarity and Relief with Targeted, Customized Recommendations

Are you struggling to make sense of your mental health challenges? Have you tried therapy or medication in the past but did not obtain the results you expected? You are not the problem. Our brief diagnostic clarification and treatment planning services are designed to answer your questions. We are here to help you identify and understand the condition driving your concerns so that you can appropriately prioritize the empirically-supported treatments that will provide you with the relief you deserve.

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Diagnostic Clarification and Treatment Planning Services entail a one hour, in-depth clinical interview with one of our doctoral level providers. During this session, we will review your developmental history, current symptoms and treatment to date. Within two business days, we will provide targeted recommendations for clear, specific and action-oriented next steps.

Looking for Answers to Your Mental Health Challenges?

Have you received a diagnosis in the past but it doesn’t seem right?