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When I’m perfectly fine mood, my brain turns to terrible thoughts


When I’m perfectly fine mood, my brain turns to terrible thoughts of my closest friends or family members getting hurt, and I become depressed for the rest of the day. Why do I make myself sad like this?

Light On Anxiety Answer:

I like to think of anxiety as a bully. It likes to find and latch onto your weak spots. In your case, your anxiety is sticking to the fear of  something terrible happening to your friends/family members. On a seemingly good day, the anxiety becomes threatened, and thinks, Oh no—I have to keep him/her/them under my control. In true bully fashion, it’ll trigger scary thoughts to pop up and make you sad. 

Next time the thought that something bad may happen arises, try thinking to yourself, There’s a thought and there’s nothing else to it, and moving on from it without classifying it further or ruminating on it. Thoughts can be scary and confusing, but they are just that—thoughts. 

Checking yourself can be easier said than done, so I suggest finding some extra support from a mental health professional who can guide you in other techniques for coping with triggering thoughts that make you feel depressed. Remember that you’re stronger than anxiety (or any bully for that matter).

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