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Mindfulness for Anxiety Treatment Group

Our adult mindful group offers comprehensive training, support, and practical hands-on practice to empower individuals in incorporating mindfulness as an invaluable tool within their anxiety management tool box.

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How can mindfulness help with anxiety?

Mindfulness, the practice of focusing on the present moment without judgment, offers numerous benefits for managing anxiety. By reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, minimizing rumination, promoting acceptance, and enhancing emotional regulation, mindfulness empowers individuals to effectively navigate anxious thoughts and feelings.

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What to Expect?

LOA’s mindfulness group is here to help you:

Join our Mindfulness Treatment Group to unlock a new level of freedom from anxiety.

Light On Anxiety is here to support you every step of the way through and soon past anxiety and related disorders!

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Group-based CBT may not be suitable for everyone or for every type of psychological issue. Some individuals may prefer individual therapy due to personal preferences or the nature of their concerns.

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To learn if group-based CBT my be a helpful addition to your treatment plan, please schedule a meeting with one of our wonderful care managers.