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Treatment for Harm OCD


I recently watched the harm OCD webinar (really enjoyed it-thank you) and I was wondering whether or not I could get some ideas or suggestions for hierarchy items-exposure for fear of molesting their child-pedophile OCD. My clients fears are only related to her own children. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Light On Anxiety Answer:

See below for sample exposure hierarchy items for individual struggling with pedophile OCD.

Sample hierarchy items:

  • repeatedly saying out loud and writing “I am a pedophile” or “I am attracted to me child”
  • imaginal exposure of sexually molesting her child
  • imaginal exposure of sexually molesting child with all details leading to feared consequences (harming child, being ostracized and isolated and alone, not being able to live with guilt, etc) (downward arrow can help identify specific feared consequences for patient)
  • looking at pictures of child (or other children) and saying or thinking “I am attracted to child”
  • if client engages in compulsion of body scanning to see if showing physical sensations of arousal, combining exposure to images of child with thought “I am feeling sensations of being sexually attracted such as tingling or increased wetness” (whatever clients feared sensations)
  • you can go with client to a park and stare at children and practice having the thought “I am a pervert and depraved and attracted to children”

And of course you will need to customize a bit for clients specific feats. Hope this helps!

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