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Is there an assessment between OCD patients and hypoglycemia?


I’m noticing a pattern with my daughter that a lot of her panic attacks/spiraling behavior happen when she hasn’t had a meal in a while. Is there a correlation between OCD patients and hypoglycemia?

Light On Anxiety Answer:

Yep! When individuals with lower distress tolerance and higher anxiety sensitivity have physiological changes (such as less sleep or hungry or hormone changes or seasonal changes) they may be more likely to experience an increase in anxiety and mood symptoms.  For example, I just had a client who was only eating twice a day due to intermittent fasting and saw a drastic increase in anxiety and OCD symptoms. Once he changed his eating, his symptoms stabilized (not totally resolved but back to baseline). Other clients have been triggered by hunger sensations because anxiety/panic physiological symptoms are so similar to low blood pressure symptoms (faint, dizzy, digestion/stomach hunger pains).

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