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On Demand Support

Stress and anxiety show up unannounced and demand to be attended to immediately. Light On Anxiety is here to support you when you need it most.

Flexible and Accessible Scheduling
"I am truly surprised about how quick and easy it was to get an appointment.  And with so little back and forth or advanced planing, the therapist I met with was  able to understand what I was going through and help me feel better and create a plan to manage the challenges I reviewed with them."
Help when you need it most
Immediate Help for Anxiety
"The intake, therapy, and medication management process has been seamless , timely and so convenient. The coordination of scheduling and the ease of finding help for my anxiety made for a very pleasant experience."
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Whether you choose traditional scheduling options, with pre-scheduled appointments, On Demand scheduling where you schedule as you go, or a combination, Light On Anxiety has therapy solutions that will work for you and fit into your busy life.

Which Scheduling Option Is Best For Me?

  • I am looking for appointments with immediate availability which can be booked with as little as two hours notice.

  • I have an inconsistent schedule with multiple and changing commitments.

  • I would like assistance with an emotional or relationship challenge that has surfaced in between scheduled appointment times.

  • I would like ongoing support for stress and anxiety but cannot commit to a pre-scheduled appointment time.

  • I am looking for pre-scheduled weekly sessions

  • I have control and predictability over my schedule.

  • There are consistent times each week I am available to meet. 

  • I am looking for regular and ongoing support.

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Mental Health the Light On Anxiety Way

Light On Anxiety strives to inject compassion, joy and YOUR values into the anxiety treatment process. CBT for anxiety as well as medication management are the core foundational services offered at Light On Anxiety. The goal of Light On Anxiety treatment is not only to reduce the emotional distress and negative feelings you may be experiencing but also, and equally importantly, to assist you in living your life to the fullest.

Light On Anxiety Debra

Learn more about how we can create a custom individual treatment plan to fit your goals.

About Our Therapists

The Light On Anxiety clinical team specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety and OCD with training in additional methodologies to ensure quality of care. 

We are here to guide you through—and pastanxiety and related conditions as effectively and rapidly as possible using evidence-based treatments.

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