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On Demand Therapy

A flexible and accessible alternative to traditional, pre-scheduled therapy that leverages:

  • Dynamic scheduling solutions
  • Availability of multiple therapists, rather than a single therapist
  • In person and digital platforms

These services offer a range of therapeutic interactions, including in person, virtual and phone consultations, making mental health support simple and easy to access.

On-demand therapy can be particularly helpful if you:

  • Are seeking immediate therapy for anxiety and related concerns
  • Have a busy and unpredictable schedule 
  • Are seeking in-between session support to manage unexpected challenges that surface 


How is On Demand Therapy Different From Traditional Therapy?


Traditional Therapy

On Demand Therapy


Pre-scheduled sessions, typically weekly or bi-weekly

Immediate availability, scheduled with as on as little as two hours noticeone hour notice


Scheduled regularly and generally available in person or virtual  

Scheduled as needed or desired by the client and generally available in person or virtual

Therapist Interaction

Typically the same therapist for each appointment

With the same or with seamless handoffs between multiple therapists, depending on client preference and needsOften with various therapists

Best for

All conditions, including more severe matters  You have control and predictability over your schedule and consistency with times such that you are available to meet on a weekly basis

Individuals with inconsistent schedules such as nurses or students with multiple and changing commitments. such as sports.

Therapist Availability

Limited to schedule of chosen therapist

Often a variety of therapists available on short notice


Best for matters:


  • Requiring ongoing and regular support or intervention
  • Children and adolescents where therapists can use interactive methods

Best for matters:


  • Requiring immediate attention such as sudden change in life circumstances, 
  • emotional or relationship support, 
  • supplemental support in between other sessions with your regular therapist, or
  • other mild to moderate conditions where your schedule is challenging to commit to a specific time and day regularly

Mental Health the Light On Anxiety Way

Light On Anxiety strives to inject compassion, joy and YOUR values into the anxiety treatment process. CBT for anxiety as well as medication management are the core foundational services offered at Light On Anxiety. The goal of Light On Anxiety treatment is not only to reduce the emotional distress and negative feelings you may be experiencing but also, and equally importantly, to assist you in living your life to the fullest.

Light On Anxiety Debra

Learn more about how we can create a custom individual treatment plan to fit your goals.

About Our Therapists

The Light On Anxiety clinical team specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety and OCD with training in additional methodologies to ensure quality of care. 

We are here to guide you through—and pastanxiety and related conditions as effectively and rapidly as possible using evidence-based treatments.

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