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Freedom from Anxiety Through Poetry

By Debra Kissen

Freedom from Anxiety Through Poetry

A dear friend of mine wrote the beautiful poem below about her journey through anxiety. I hope you find it as healing as I do.

Freedom from anxiety soaring through clouds
Freedom to love fully, overflowing with its touch
Release true energy vibrating all around
Sending gifts and rays of love, shining soulfully to each we are bound
Shimmering rays of beautiful light illuminating beauty – soul love, so bright
The greatest possible joy one can feel
Escaping the prison of terror that locks you in, so severe
Instead serene, soaring high on the wings of a butterfly
Flapping the wings, gliding high
Vast and spacious
That little anxiety, a bug so small nearing the earth, just a spec of dust
That’s all it ever is, seen through a tiny hole in the soil
Meant to be seen outside of yourself
Just a fly that tugs and you swap
Never meant to become who you are, holding you back from this great life
Its just a pest, a fly to swat
Annoying your face but not stealing your path
A tiny tiny spec of lint as you soar to your greatness
Larger than bat wings sprawling out
Transforming your being, taking you in
Surrender to truth that you are so vast
Bigger than life and infinite knowing
Not obstructed, open to truth, open to what’s real
Everything possible – look down on that spec anxiety so small
Knowing its nothing, just an itch of a bug buzzing around

Dr. Debra Kissen is CEO of Light On Anxiety CBT Treatment Center. Dr. Kissen specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)...

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