What Our Clients Say

I don't want to sound too much like a Yelp reviewer, here, but I love Tracy! She is great - full of strategies and no nonsense/tough, which is what I was hoping for.

Hi Dr. Kissen! You don't have to reply to this. I just had to tell you that you are a genius and I am having such an amazing time on my trip thanks to all your brilliant advice. Hundreds of toe wiggles and strawberries have given me thousands of magical moments and memories. After living in fear for so long, I had forgotten how wonderful it feels to be alive. Thank you!!

Dr. Kissen has consistently given me refuge during times when i've felt desperate, anxious, and riddled with worry. There is comfort when visiting her because i know she will quickly see through my anxious exterior and connect with my often irrational interior - the root of these uncomfortable emotions.

In a very short time, she comforts me by clearly communicating to and reasoning with me, helping me to recognize my fears, understand them, and challenge them. I leave Dr. Kissen's office feeling empowered and encouraged, and I am extremely grateful for her intelligent and thoughtful support.

Dr Kissen is a brilliant therapist. I truly look forward to our sessions because she helps me with my problems in a pragmatic, "can do" manner and I never feel judged on what I bring to the table. Through humor and deep compassion, Dr. Kissen makes the difficult process of change enjoyable.

My husband and I were bickering constantly and it was affecting our whole household and quality of life. We both knew it but we didn't know how to stop. With Dr. Kissen's help, we were given homework assignments to address specific issues and learn how to deal with them differently. We continue to practice and find things are much improved. We came as a couple but the whole family benefits from Dr. Kissen's help.

Dr. K has been truly phenomenal! She immediately related to our 10 year old boy and made him feel like she was in his corner. She had him do exercises/activities that he could accomplish which in turn motivated him to do more and conquer many of his fears.  In addition, she was/is great about working with the schools and the parents if you want her to. She is always around for advice etc. It is really good to know you have someone so smart and dedicated in your corner.

You seriously have helped me more in this short period of time than any other therapist has helped me in years.  I am so grateful.

Thanks to you, I have found so much peace.  I still have the occasional obsessive thought in my head, but I am able to recognize it as only a thought, and let it go.

Dr. Kissen has been invaluable to me for the past several years as I learned to deal with the challenges of managing three children, a busy career, an entrepreneurial husband and one very high need child. She is wonderful at imparting practical tools, techniques and strategies for managing anxiety and mitigating the stigma that one often feels as they experience anxiety while trying to keep their head above water. Furthermore, she’s been exceedingly available to me, beyond that which is expected of a therapist, and I’m always able to reach her in times of crisis.

Her process instantly “makes things better” and I often leave sessions with a smile on my face rather than a heavy heart, which was my previous experience with multiple other therapists. I’ve experienced many therapists as either judgmental or lacking opinion, but Dr. Kissen meets me in sessions with compassion, practical understanding, optimism, and a can-do attitude that has served to help me believe in myself over time. Today I am mostly anxiety free, and am able to observe my worries as passing and temporary concerns. Dr. Kissen’s behavioral approach combined with her effusive personality, practical guidance, and compassion for others has been an extremely healing and powerful force in my life. I know I can count on her anytime, though I do appreciate her desire to “see less” of me as my healing comes full circle.