Mindful Living is dedicated to my love, Hudson

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Mindful Living is dedicated to my sweet, dear, Hudson. My sweet Hudson's life was cut short, a few months ago, when a distracted driver hit both myself and my love Hudson, as we were crossing the street, at a 4 way stop sign. It would be easy for me to solely blame the driver for this atrocity. It was rush hour on a Thursday morning, he was texting while driving, and was not looking at the road. After the accident, the driver got out of his car and starting yelling, "Oh My God". He was not heartless, he did not want to permanently create a gaping whole in my life (which he did). He was just another Joe Schmoe, rushing to get from point A to point B. Mindlessly operating a powerful vehicle, with his attention split between too many competing tasks. We all need to slow down and pay attention to what is important. Please be careful when on or off of the road. There is no reason to rush. Life is happening RIGHT NOW. Cherish it.