Freespira for Panic Attacks

At Light on Anxiety, we are excited to now offer the Freespira Breathing System to our clients working to overcome Panic Disorder including the symptoms of panic such as panic attacks.

This FDA-cleared, clinically proven at-home treatment addresses a key physiological component of panic disorder. The non-evasive treatment utilizes a highly precise sensor, handheld tablet computer running the proprietary Freespira Application (App) to teach you to adjust your exhaled carbon dioxide level and stabilize your respiration rate and pattern which has been clinically shown to reduce or eliminate panic attacks. Nearly 70% of patients reported no more panic attacks even after a year of completing this 4 week treatment. To find out more and determine if you are a candidate for Freespira, contact me for your personalized consultation.

Freespira Overview Video from Freespira Breathing System on Vimeo.