CBT for Anxiety and Procrastination

Do you feel weighed down, unable to move from one life task to the next? Do your days pass by without experiencing movement in the direction of valued living? Would you like to push forward, beyond your current life stressors?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this may be the program for you. Come join Moving Onward, Voyaging Ahead (MOVA) and experience what true life progress feels like.

MOVA is a hands on, action-oriented, life skills boot camp, where we work on DOING in the face of fear and uncertainty.  Participants use the group meeting time to set a daily agenda, prioritize life tasks and work through the most challenging daily tasks.  Come prepared for hard work and immense progress. Together we can move forward.  

MOVA meets Tuesdays, from 6-7:30pm, at the Light on Anxiety Treatment Center.  MOVA is lead by psychologist, Dr. Debra Kissen.  Dr. Kissen specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders and chronic “stuckness”.  

Email Dr. Kissen to schedule a free consultation, to determine if you may benefit from MOVA.